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How To Avoid DOT Sidewalk Violations In New York City

ALT Getting a NYC DOT sidewalk violation is not something any local business wants but for good reason, the Department of Transportation performs sidewalk inspections and gives out violations when business owners fail to responsibly maintain their sidewalks. Not only is a defective sidewalk bad for business because it's an eyesore, it's also a matter of public safety and it costs more to repair the longer you wait. The last thing you want is for someone to injure themselves on your property or to be slapped with a violation. Keep in mind that the purpose of the violation is to ensure your sidewalks remain safe and that the best way to do that is to ensure your sidewalks stay in good repair. Here are a few tips on how to avoid DOT sidewalk violations in New York City.

Keep Your Sidewalks Clean & Remove The Snow

Dirt, grime, chemicals, snow, ice, and salt are very destructive to sidewalks in New York City. Not only will regular maintenance for your sidewalks help to preserve the concrete, it'll also help you to avoid DOT sidewalk violations. The city requires that you remove snow and ice from your sidewalks. Don't use salt to deice your concrete, it eats away at the material. Use a calcium chloride ice melt instead. When removing snow, use a plastic snow shovel instead of a metal one.

Make Sure The Brick Work & Concrete Sidewalk Is In Good Repair

As bricks and concrete sidewalks age, the concrete and the bricks themselves will start to decay. It may be years before your brick sidewalks and steps start to develop chips or tripping hazards. Just be sure you keep an eye on it over the years and make any repairs along the way that could cost you a DOT sidewalk violation here in NY. The good news is that brick work and concrete can always be repaired. Brick work is one of the easiest sidewalk materials to repair because most of the time, just a few bricks need to be replaced and they are easily transported onto your property.

Keep Your Concrete & Brick Work Sealed

You may not know that when your concrete sidewalks and brick work were constructed, the contractor installed a sealant over the surface. This protects the brick and concrete from too much water penetration. Since these are horizontal surfaces, the sealant will need to be reapplied from time to time. How often depends on the actual product used to seal your concrete sidewalks. Generally, it needs to be done every year or two. Better quality concrete sealers last longer. By keeping your concrete sidewalks sealed throughout the years, you'll avoid the damage that eventually leads to DOT sidewalk violations.

Remove Trees Near Your Sidewalks Before They Get Big

Large trees send hundreds of roots out to find a water source. Traveling tree roots can completely destroy your concrete sidewalks. To avoid sidewalk violations in New York, we recommend removing trees located nearby when they're small so you don't face the enormously expensive concrete repairs and fines later.

What To Do If You've Already Received A Sidewalk Violation

It's highly important that you hire an experienced and licensed contractor to repair your concrete or brick as soon as possible if you receive a violation. You'll need help navigating the red tape that invariably comes with remedying the DOT sidewalk violation repairs, so you should choose a specialist in the field. Contact Eden General Construction, your local NY contractor for expert sidewalk violation repair service.

If you're looking for a sidewalk violation repair contractor in New York, please call 718-819-7770 or complete our online request form.