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Dealing With New York DOB Emergency Repairs

Dealing With New York DOB Emergency Repairs Our city is all about hustle and bustle and that can add extra wear and tear to public spaces. In a city that never sleeps, it means this wear and tear happens around the clock, as well as the need for emergency repairs.

This is especially critical for surfaces like sidewalks that take on so much foot traffic and can be the cause of personal injury. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt or for your to be liable for those injuries.

One of the most common reasons for DOB emergency repairs is New York sidewalk violation infractions but there are other reasons. What matters the most is that you try to prevent it from happening or, at the very least, take good care of the repairs when something occurs.

DOB Emergency Repairs, Sidewalk Violations & More

It’s impossible to own any property in this area and not end up needing DOB emergency repairs. The trick is not to panic when you end up with a notice that you’re in need of this type of repair need.
  • Too many property owners in New York hire the first or the cheapest service provider they find. They want the job to be over with or want to make sure the work is done as cheaply as possible. However, this approach ends up causing more problems, greater infractions, and even more fines and related expenses.
  • As a residential property owner, if you fail to take care of this type of emergency service in what the city considers a timely enough manner, they’ll find someone to do the work and send you the bill. More accurately, you’re likely to see the repair costs on your property tax bill. It’s not the best way to address the problem and not the way you want to find out the work has already been done, at your expense.
  • Make sure when you have the work done that you notify the proper authorities that the job has been carried out and in compliance with city ordinances. If you work with a reputable and experienced professional in this field, they’ll go through the proper channels so your violation gets cleared from your account. However, it doesn’t hurt to follow up on your own just to make sure. The last thing you want to do is find out the hard way that this work is still marked as pending and incomplete.
Don’t take chances with the quality of work you get completed. Contact Eden General Construction NY Inc. and be certain you’re getting high-quality New York sidewalk violation repairs.

If you are looking for a professional DOB emergency repair contractor in New York, then please call 718-819-7770 or complete our online request form.