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Are Parapet Walls Right For Your New York Property?

are parapet walls right for your property

The uses of a parapet wall in today's society are much different than the original purposes it was designed to serve back when it was originally designed. Back around the time of its inception, this particular type of wall was primarily used as a form of protection for anyone on the rooftop that was trying to repel possible invaders on the ground below. With this original design in mind, it can be difficult seeing how a parapet wall could be of any use to a modern property other than its aesthetic appeal. To help show you some of the benefits that come along with incorporating parapet walls into your New York property and to help you decide if parapet walls are right for you, our team of New York sidewalk violation professionals here at Eden General Construction NY Inc. thought it would be a good idea to help give you a better understanding of what parapet walls are, and the many ways they are used throughout the city.

A parapet is a low wall that is usually used to enclose a roof or to provide a protective barrier at the edge of a terrace or bridge. Most times, a parapet is going to be around 3 feet in height, although the actual design and location of the wall can vary depending on the kind of structure it is being used on. This can either be due to personal preference or to better accommodate the method in which the wall is going to be used.

Modern Uses For Parapet Walls

One of the most common uses for modern day parapet walls in New York City is to help prevent people or your belongings from falling off of your roof. Providing this kind of rooftop barrier makes a parapet wall ideal for anyone with a rooftop terrace or a roof garden on their property. On the other hand, a parapet wall is oftentimes installed as a way to help slow the spread of fire in the even that one breaks out on your property.

In addition to its functional and security benefits, however, you can't forget about the aesthetic appeal as well. One of the primary ways that a parapet wall can be utilized to enhance the visual appeal of your property is by using it to conceal any blemishes or traits of your rooftop that might not be as visually appealing as you would like them to be. They can even be done in such a way as to make your roof look flat, or you can just use them to hide anything you have sitting on top of your roof that ruin the silhouette of your rooftop area, like vents, ducts, etc.

Calling In The NYC Parapet Wall Experts

Here at Eden General Construction NY Inc., our team of professional brick pointing and masonry contractors are the only name you will ever need to know when it comes to parapet wall design and installation in New York City. Our team of highly experienced professionals can help you get the design and the overall results that you want, no matter how simple or complex the job might be. Our team of experts stand behind the quality of their work 100%, letting you have peace of mind in knowing that your property's new parapet walls will have the kind of quality workmanship they need to last you for years and years to come. If you live in the NYC area, and have always been curious about adding a parapet wall to your property, or you need repairs on your existing one, give us a call today.

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