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Tips And Articles From Our New York Sidewalk Violation Repair Experts

How To Avoid DOT Sidewalk Violations In New York City

Getting a NYC DOT sidewalk violation is not something any local business wants but for good reason, the Department of Transportation performs sidewalk inspections and gives out violations when business owners fail to responsibly maintain their sidewalks....

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Pros & Cons of Stucco

Did you know that stucco was commonly used in Greece over 1,000 years ago? And here it is, still being used all these centuries later in New York, as well as all around the world.…

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Are Parapet Walls Right For Your New York Property?

The uses of a parapet wall in today's society are much different than the original purposes it was designed to serve back when it was originally designed. Back around the time of its inception, this particular type of wall was primarily used as a form of protection for anyone on the rooftop that was trying to repel possible invaders on the ground below…

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Common Types Of Sidewalk Violations

There are a number of things here in the New York area that can have a severe impact on the condition of your property's sidewalks. No matter how much effort you put into maintaining your property's sidewalk areas, there are going to be some things that are just beyond your control. Between aging, inclement weather…

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4 Steps To Take To Have Sidewalk Violation Removed

If you are like most New York property owners, one of the last things you want to have to spend your time doing is dealing the the Department of Transportation to have a sidewalk violation removed. Unfortunately, most property owners will have to deal with this at some point or another, and when it happens, there a number of steps that you are going to want to follow in order to have everything…

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